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  Andre Jarret dit Beauregard and his ancestors


  Family History (1350 - 1992)


  17 page article written by Marthe Faribault Beauregard
Denis Beauregard wrote this book in Canada.  It traces the Beauregard family back to France in the early 1400’s.  The book is based on land and other records found in France by Father Jean-Marie Beauregard before he died in 1986.  It identifies 11 generations of the Jarrets dit Beauregards - 8 in France and 3 in Canada.  The translation was reviewed and approved by the author.  To defray expenses, we charge $20.00 (US) per copy.  This includes the cost of printing, packaging and shipping.  If you wish to have a copy, please contact me at RLBASC@AOL.COM.  If you wish to have the French version contact Denis Beauregard at

This book, “Family History (1350 - 1992)” was written by Monique Beauregard. I bought a copy at the Beauregard family reunion in Verchères, Québec in August 1992.  I don’t know when she wrote the book or how to get in touch with her since she did not provide that information in the book. I translated it into English for my own use mostly because my mother was a Fontaine. Monique's  book is about both sides of her family, Beauregard (father) and Fontaine (mother).  Her uncle, Father Jean Marie, O.P., was the priest who did the research in France that was the basis for Denis Beauregard’s book.  Monique’s book includes an interesting manuscript written in 1894 by her grandfather, Adélard Beauregard. He mentions many friends and relatives, including his grandfather, whom he knew and tells about life in Canada at that time.  I‘ve had a few copies made of this 85 page book.  These are photo copies of the translated pages with a plastic spring binding and a cover applied. The quality of the pictures is about the same as in Monique’s book since hers was also made with a copying machine.  I charge $15 per copy to cover the cost for the book, the mailers, and the postage. If you wish to have a copy, please contact me at RLBASC@AOL.COM.

This is a 17 page article written by Marthe Faribault Beauregard.  It appeared in the journal of the Societee Genealogique Canadien Francais in the fall of 1986.  Marthe was contacted by Father Jean-Marie Beauregard in 1955 and told about some unpublished information on the Jarret family that he had obtained in France .  He died before she could get much information from him.  However, she was able to locate and search Father Jean Marie's files and published this article. To my knowledge, this was the first article published that traced the Jarret family back to the mid 1400's in France.  I can make copies available if anyone is interested. I would need to charge $7.50 (US) to cover the cost copying, packaging and mailing. If you wish to have a copy, please contact me at RLBASC@AOL.COM.

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